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Used clothing is another great way to save lots of money and don’t turn up your nose at the idea. Recycling doesn’t just mean botdes and cans. In these recessionary times, people are taking this approach to nearly everything, and it make a lot of sense. There is a wide range of options, from trashy stuff to designer labels. Again, a few terms:

Consignment and resale shops sell clothing they call gently used by one owner who wore the article only a few times and chose to resell it. This merchandise is nearly always of high quality, and it’s a great way to save lots of money on a designer piece that looks like new. Mr. C has also found several children’s resale shops, which are very popular since most kids outgrow clothes faster than they out-wear them.

Vintage clothing is usually well-worn but may still cost you a bit since retro styles are very popular these days. Nevertheless, there are great bargains for the persistent vintage hound. Finally, thrift stores sell used merchandise that has seen a lot of duty, often donated for charity. Quality and selection are strictly grab-bag, but you can sure get a lot of stuff super-cheap.

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