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Pro golfer wins when he takes his eye off the ball

“You could see Johnny Miller focusing on the target when he won the AT&T Tournament,” Dircks continued. “You could see him looking at the hole while he was putting.

“He talks about it on a videotape titled Insights to the Players’ Minds, which is part of the series The Player’s Course. Miller was having trouble with his putting. He told the interviewer, Chuck Hogan, that he heard a voice that told him to look at the hole when he was putting. The video even includes a film clip of him doing that at the AT&T Tournament.

“Actually, quite a few golfers have done that. Beth Daniels did the same thing when she was having some trouble putting.

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“Golf is such a mental game,” Dircks noted. “Your mind has to be right in order for your body to do what you want. So I program myself to have a sense of freedom – to have no restrictions. I program that my energy just flows. This makes it much easier to play good, consistent rounds.”

Only focus when ready to strike

Workout and Fitness Jr. – Joe Jr. as he is known at the office – was a boxer when he was in the Navy and is also a black belt in karate. He talks about using a “defocus point” when fighting.

“If you focus on one part of a person’s body,” Joe says, “you won’t see another part of the body in time to react to an attack with that part of the body. If you are watching the person’s eyes, you may not see their foot move in time for you to block it as they try to kick you.”

What he recommends is that you look towards your opponent’s chest, but do not focus your eyes on the chest. In this manner, Joe says, you can be aware of the person’s entire body and can react quickly to whatever he or she does.

You only focus your eyes when you are ready to strike. Then you go back to the defocused vision.

There is another big advantage to using this workout and fitness technique: It makes it easier to be in alpha.

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