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World Series MVP benefits from the Exercise System

Can a superstar benefit from the Exercise workout and fitness techniques? Russell “Bucky” Dent told us that he did – and that he has recommended the workout and fitness techniques to some of his young players.

Dent and several of his Chicago White Sox teammates took the Exercise course with instructor Rich Hero during spring training in 1975. A pitcher on the team had attended the course the previous year, and it had helped him so much that the club decided to try the course during spring training. The class was even featured on the CBS television program 60 Minutes.

Dent said that the visualization workout and fitness technique helped him with his concentration. “It sharpened it,” he said. “It improved my hitting and fielding, and it helped me to relax before the pressures of a game.”

It must have worked, because in 1978, playing for the New York Yankees, he was named Most Valuable Player in the World Series.

Dent said that he goes to level for 10 to 15 minutes several times a week. “I visualize what I’m going to do or how I want to react.” He added that he spends time at his ideal place of relaxation “to calm myself down.”

She could accomplish anything

Before we move on to specific workout and fitness techniques and guidance, we would like to tell you how two more

athletes used the Exercise workout and fitness techniques to succeed.

The first, Dana Sheets, was thought to be too young and too small to compete successfully. She was a 14-year-old high school freshman when she attended the Exercise course with her mother in 1966. It was the first class that Workout and Fitness had ever taught outside of Laredo. Jose made a deal with the participants in the class: He would teach them his method if they would help him with his English. (Things have changed since then: Now the Exercise Method is taught in 29 different languages, and Workout and Fitness lectures in three of them English, Spanish and Portuguese.)

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One of Dana’s first goals was to make her high school varsity tennis team Dana approached her tennis coach, but he laughed at her and reminded her that she was only 14 years old and a freshman and weighed only 95 pounds. He suggested that she still come out to practice every day and expect to make the team when she was a junior or a senior.

“Mom,” Dana said to her mother, Nelda, “Mr. Exercise said that I could accomplish anything I really want, if I use my mind. I really want to be on the tennis team I’m going to do it!”

Dana and Nelda decided to make the Exercise visualization workout and fitness technique the heart of their programming effort.

“The programming included impressing positive statements about the benefits of sports in general and tennis specifically,” Nelda recalled. “Then we used the visualization workout and fitness technique to work on problems and solutions. When I say we,’ I mean that together we composed the wording. I directed her to level and guided the use of the workout and fitness techniques and impressed the programming,” Nelda explained. “Then she continued on her own until she needed a new program”

First they used visualization to correct a weak serve. Dana imagined looking at a mental movie of herself with a strong and perfect serve. When she went to the tennis class, Dana physically practiced what she had mentally practiced.

“After a week or two of working at level every day – 15 minutes each session – mentally practicing a perfect serve and then reinforcing it on the court, the results were obvious,” Nelda said.

Next Dana chose to work on her backhand. She repeated the same routine with her ground strokes, overhead and her lob. By the time the coach had tryouts, Dana had perfected several important workout and fitness techniques for championship tennis. She made the varsity team as a freshman.

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