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The quarter was filled with back-and-forth excitement. Packers guard Tiny Engebretsen intercepted an Ed Danowski pass, and Arnie Herber followed that with a 40-yard touchdown pass to Hutson’s backup, Carl Mulleneaux. Danowski got that one back with a 21-yard touchdown pass to rookie Hap Barnard, but the Packers matched it on a Clarke Hinkle short run after a 66-yard pass play to Wayland Becker. At the half, New York led 16-14.

In the third quarter, the Packers drove down to the Giants’ 5, but they were forced to settle for an Engebretsen field goal to take their first and only lead of the day, 17-16. The Giants drove from their 34 to the Packers’ 44, where they converted a fourth-and-one on a Hank Soar line buck.

Four plays later, from the 23, Danowski and Soar engineered the game-winning play. Danowski took a direct snap with New York aligned in a spread formation. Wingback Soar and end Poole were side by side as they ran straight downfield. Danowski was rushed hard by Packers end Milt Gantenbein, but a great cross block by guard Orville Tuttle obliterated him. Danowski fired into a crowd at the 7-yard line, and Hank Soar outfought teammate Poole and Packers Clarke Hinkle and

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Herm Schneidman for the ball. Soar then broke Hinkle’s tackle at the 3 and plunged into the end zone for a 23-17 lead.

The Packers continued to move the ball, but the sturdy Giants defense refused to yield. The final quarter was scoreless, and the Giants were NFL champions for the third time. Under head coach Steve Owen, New York would return to the NFL Championship Game five more times but lose each time. This game was the high point of Stout Steve’s long career.

Hank Soar caught just two regular-season touchdown passes in his nine-year NFL career, so it was surprising that he was the recipient of the game-winner in this NFL title game. Soar was renowned as perhaps the top defensive back of his time. On offense, he was a versatile runner, receiver, and blocker, but not a big star.

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