The Best Foundation For Asian

Use yellow-toned tinted moisturizer or foundation. Pink-toned foundations look old-fashioned. The same is true with face powder, where you will also want to use a pale yellow shade. Even if this sounds contrary to everything you have ever thought about makeup, try it.

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You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Brush a light shadow color all over your eyelid. Then use a medium color from the lash line to three-fourths up the lid.

Liner is key to an eye look you will love. The trick is to make a thick, smoky line, not a thin, hard one. Note that the line should be thick enough so that it's still visible when your eyes are open. Apply liner all the way around the eye, with the upper lid lined in a much heavier fashion.

Fill in your brow using a hard, slanted brow brush and a brown-toned shadow. Defining the brow adds strength to the face. This is a step that is often overlooked or neglected but has the potential to enlarge the entire eye area.

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