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Hello friends and welcome to another post. Today I’m going to be mixing all of my foundations together into one nice brew. So about a month ago I did a post where I melted all of my nude lipsticks together into one Franken lipstick and after that pretty successful experiment I wanted to see what other makeups I could mix and foundations came to mind as one that would be possible. Firstly, I was interested to see what would happen when I mixed them together, but unlike lipsticks which are more just like about your taste or like what you like, foundations are generally supposed to match the skin on your face and I still have yet to find my perfect foundation. One that has like the perfect color, perfect undertones, and perfect formula for my skin type. So I was thinking if I mix them all together maybe I would get the midpoint of all of them and then get something that’s closest to my perfect foundation. So I’m going to mix all of my foundations together right now to see what the color is like and then tomorrow I’m gonna wear it all day Long to see how the formula is. Alright, let’s bring in the foundation.

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Here they are~ It is a little bit more difficult to be a hoarder of foundation than it is to be a hoarder of lipstick, but I will say in general, I do have hoarding tendencies- I don’t like to? throw things away. So a couple in here might be expired, or at least close to expired. So my plan is to go at this like a baseball team- like we’re gonna have every foundation come up to bat? And I’m gonna squirt like one good squirt in of each foundation, see where we are; do a second at-Bat and a third at-Bat. There’s no other baseball team. There’s just one team, though. You know what I mean. Who shall be the first victim? Why don’t we begin with my custom foundation. Now I got this custom foundation for a post in late March, early April. When I first got it, it was a little bit lighter than I thought it would be, and on camera it looks like a dead-on match, and in person it looks like a little pale. So perfect, it is not but probably this would be like the closest to perfect that I have. Okay, so let’s squirt~! This one in first. Was that satisfying? It’s unclear. Next, let’s do these NYX Total Control Drop foundations. I’m kind of like in between the two of them. I think, but I like this Foundation mostly. It’s a little on the watery side~ It looks like baby formula xD but it’s mostly good.

Best Foundation for Dry Skin

Let’s do this Urban Decay one. This is probably one of the older ones that is in here it’s probably actually the oldest one that’s in here. But I actually tried it on earlier today to see if it was truly expired, and it seemed fine. This foundation is a little bit on the yellow-y side. I like the formula; the color is just not quite right. And I got the chance to sread it. Maybe I was just like, swept off my feet by the lady at Sephora. Alright, so I’m gonna burn through a couple of these just because there’s a couple that aren’t that interesting. They’re just sort of like, ones that I use sometimes. Some of them are more number one and others are more like, number two. It’s liquid foundation, so the texture was always going to be a dynamic of this post. I’m trying to make sure they’re all as equally in there as possible without actually measuring them. Okay, so this is a sample of an IT Cosmetics CC cream in medium. That one looks particularly like a skidmark. I used to use this thing all the time but then I abandoned it, because I thought it might be the wrong color, but I’m bringing it back. Ah, so this is a Nars Velvet matte Skin Tint that I used pretty much all of last summer, and it was only at the end of the summer that I realized that it was much more orange than I had thought.

So naturally I have to own up to my mistakes and put it in. That’s enough. That’s quite enough. Okay, so this is my last one. This is the foundation that I use all the time nowadays. This is from the Ordinary; it is a Serum foundation in the color Light Medium Neutral. Though it is nice on the face, it’s kind of like a stray shooter, like, uh it kinda, you know, you’ll squirt and oh- It’s a little excitable. Okay, so that’s like one full rotation. At this point I’m actually not sure what the color is gonna be like. I actually think probably the bigger question is what the formula is gonna be like when we start mixing them together, because there are a lot of different textures in there, weirdly. It almost smells like rubbing alcohol It’ll be fine. (Heh) Right? But anyway I’m gonna go through a couple more at-Bats and then see how much we have. The thing is like, I have worn all of these separately so together, they should be fine. It’s not like it suddenly turned radioactive. It’s just the question of like, how they’ll work together, you know. We do have a little bit of like a volcanic island forming in there.

The Best Foundations For Combination Skin

We’re just nearing the end with this one. So it’s kind of like honest last legs, you know. Alright, so that’s my second time through. There’s a decent amount more in there so I really think that three times through will be ~perfect~. Let’s do it again. This Is a little less violent than the lipsticks. It’s a little more erotic. There’s a little bit of a blockade forming at the neck. I think I might like, eventually plop down. Oh yeah.. I think that looks like enough. If it’s really amazing, we can always mix more, I suppose. That’s a Big if she almost Looks like a Layered Mousse cake Looks like the grand Canyon so I Am going to mix this all Together with My little Wooden Mixing Tool Hmm it’s got a Milkshake vibe to it even it Kind of is turning a Little Bit like Frothy almost Make me Hungry Okay so I mix this guy Up so I’m Just gonna put my cap on here basically the way this Thing Goes that like it? Creates Like a Vacuum you got to Just Pump away until the foundation Reaches the top Well It’s Ready This is our first contact it’s alive No dip My Brush in there and then Let’s Put on the face one two Three oh?

That Looks Pretty Good It’S a little on the Golden side but As I Wipe It in It seems to be Not Bad not Bad The smell is like Sunscreen or something Like strong Maybe That Expired What it’s Just rearing its Ugly Head the Consistency Is Pretty Thin It’s like a Little on the Watery side I think the Watery ones won out I actually think that This? May Work somewhat I know iF it’s a perfect equilibrium of all of These Colors but it’s Actually like a Pretty Good Foundation Color Just to compare I’m Just gonna put My Frankenstein Foundation Next to my custom foundation we’ll see What they look like Next to each Other see my frankenstein’s a Little Bit more Goldy Than My custom I think Because of My Tendency especially in Mid-2018 to go for the Golden undertone like a Real strong Parchment Flavor But we’ll See how it Does Tomorrow Because I think the color is Pretty good but the formula is Just Really the question Franken Foundation Is alive Franken Dacian Foundation Stein They’re Both ok all right so it is Tomorrow the next day and I am ready to put on my Franken Nation I’m Sticking With Franken Nation It Looks Pretty Good Still it’s not Really Separating there are a Couple of Little Spots Where it Feels like I didn’t mix it all the Way Let me Just give it a Little Shake I think This is gonna do anything at all Pump a Little on the back of my hand Yeah It Is a Little Bit more Watery Than I might Expect It Seems to be spreading fine the Odor Is less strong Than It Was Yesterday so hopefully it’s like calming down a Bit it’s interesting like When I Touch This foundation With My finger it’S a Little Bit Slippery.

But also Clings to my Skin Very quickly I think I’m Feeling like literally different Foundations Doing different Things I like This light It’s like Low-Key Kind of Scary I’m like Hello Children Ok I think that is one full coat of Foundation Let’s take a look in like the Natural light so you can See What It looks like Um It seems to Pretty Decently Match My Double Chin When I do my Double Chin Test It Is a Little Dewy and it’s not Like a Hundred Percent full coverage like you can See some Rental frecks old Freckles but I’m Liking it so I am going to finish off my Makeup routine and then I’ll Check back in When it’s all done and then we’ll see how It lasts Throughout The day all right so my finishing Touch Have to be my frank and nude lipstick no One Will know that I’m Just Wearing a Bunch of Random Stuff Mixed Together on My Face today so I think I’m done with my Makeup I’m ready to go about my day I think that in General the Foundation is Actually Pretty Nice it’s Actually Turned more Matte Than I would Have Expected after my first impressions Last Night and This Morning Honestly My Only Concern is that The Foundation will stratify Perhaps on My face Perhaps in the bottle and over time Formulas Willing to Work well together Okay Let’s get on with it all right so I am Out and about right Now it’s a little Bit hot outside.

It’s definitely hot enough That I feel Myself Moistening I don’t think the Foundation is Moving Like When I wipe my face with my fingers it’s not Just like coming off on my fingers it’s an interesting Consistency I’ve Never tried a Foundation That Feels Exactly Like This maybe it’s because There’s so much Spf in there it Kind of Feels Like Sunscreen in a Way more like a Lotion Here’s my face in the full sun oh wow Doesn’t look like there are any Real Sunglass Grooves Around the nose That’s Pretty Darn impressive Okay so it’s a couple hours Later We are at costco Right Now I’m still not dewy I’m still pretty matte Which is very surprising So I meant to be at costco I completely Forgot That she Was wearing This stuff today I think That’s great I like it okay so it’s Been probably about four hours Maybe Almost five at This point I think I’m definitely getting a Little Dewy Around the Cheeks but the rest of my face Is is Pretty Matte Still I mean It’s a hot day outside and i’ve Been Walking Around for a While so I’m finally getting like some shine But Not that much to be honest since it’s doing so well I kind of Just want To see how far we can Push it so let’s Get some spicy Food and go to yoga Just To see what happens okay some kung. Pao Chicken and some sriracha Later i?

Not Really any Shinier so Spicy Food is warming My Insides but My face is still Pretty Decent So I guess our last resort to try and take This Thing down is hot yoga that Was a Pretty Hard Class How’s it possible look At My Hair Right Now My face is in less Bad Condition That I would think Validation is Just Like Using into your Skin Hey That’s Kind of how it Feels to me right Now I like it so much I’m Just absorbing It This is an impressive foundation I’m Generally Pumped that Was a Hard Class I Think We Got to go home and Shower okay so we are home after yoga Now I have not yet Showered My nose Is is got done for But They’re still foundation Actually Left on the cheeks Under The Eyes Maybe a Bit on the forehead Maybe a Bit on the chin I didn’t Expect it to last through Yoga but I think up until that Point It had Lasted Pretty Well One of My Concerns Was that the Foundation WouLd settle in the tube but I actually don’t think It did I’m Just gonna maybe Occasionally Stir This up again Just to make sure Nothing’s stratifying But on my face it’s Working Really well This experiment Actually did Bring Out a Lot of the Good Things about these Foundations and also Like rain in the parts That I didn’t like as much I Honestly Would Use this Foundation Again I Kind of want to mix up more I think this Franken Dacian gets a 9 and a Half out of 10 but A 10 out of 10 would Wear again Definitely Thank you Guys so much for reading if you like that post make sure to smash that like button and if you want to See more posts like This make sure to Chew Match That comment button and if You’ve Already Shamash That comment button make sure to also show mash that little bell icon in the Middle To Turn on post notifications So you get a notification Every time That I post Here are my social media Handles and make sure to check out my next feet I do a Lot of Daily postging and q&a is on there a Big shout out to Lucia for reading Thanks for reading Lucia and I will see you guys a Next Time.

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