How To Be The Best French Kisser

Both hands around lower back. Either clasp your One hand on face can be casual but still in control. hands for a more relaxed feel or cross them over be- A gentle touch can sometimes speak louder than hind their back bringing them closer to you. words. Tip: Makes you feel close to each other. Tip: If it feels unnatural or uncomfortable, don’t leave your hand there.

Rubbing their back slowly and softly is good. It re- Both arms around shoulders like a hug. laxes them and sub-consciously keeps a rhythm

Tip: Nice relaxing way to kiss.

Tip: Don’t do it too much or too often, as it can distract you from your kissing.

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Your Complete Guide to Kissing Tips and Techniques The Most Exciting and Romantic Kisses

When it comes to a romantic and exciting kiss, it isn’t just about the kiss itself, but about how your bodies are entwined with each other. It is more about the whole picture than just the lips. Embracing the other person can transport your excitement to them so they feel the excitement right from the beginning as well.

Find some quality time where there is nowhere you need to be, nothing you need to do so you can’t be interrupted, and have some great makeout time. This is awesome, because sometimes people tend to get too busy to remember how fun kissing is. Shed your inhibitions and make out like kids. Experiment with your kissing techniques. Don’t tell your partner you plan to do this, though. Spontaneity is both romantic and exciting. Planned is boring.

When your partner does something they really don’t like doing, like the cleaning or cooking, let your partner know they did a good job and that you appreciate it. Give them a big kiss afterwards as a reward. It shows that you have noticed and appreciate it. It won’t seem as bad now, and they may feel better about doing things if they know you notice.

The whole body kiss is great. This is when you hold your partner in your arms and kiss while your bodies are entangled. Rub their back, legs, arms, hair. It can also be done standing up. While you have them all wrapped up, they feel comfortable, warm and safe, kind of like in a big bear hug.

Kissing with a smile is great for the obvious reason that you are happy to be kissing this person. A happy kiss is one of the best, and the person you will be kissing can feel your smile, too, which makes them even happier to be kissing. Smiles all round I say!

One of the best kisses is when you really like someone and you are going to kiss for the first time. You know you both want it but kept putting it off because you are both nervous. Butterflies in your stomach are a good sign because it means you like them and you really want to kiss them. It is like you feel so close to them when you have your kiss because you are joined and kind of become one. The second kiss is even better, because you know how great the first kiss was and it left you wanting more. This time you won’t be quite as nervous.

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