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Expert stylist and owner of Relentless Haircare, Brandy Joseph knows how important hair maintenance is for the modern woman. We took a few minutes with her to hear about her passion for giving women the freedom to enjoy all indoor and outdoor watersports – and why style doesn’t have to be compromised in the process.

How did the Relentless brand start?

The Relentless brand started from early on in my childhood, I grew up loving hair, makeup on TV and magazines. I loved to recreate looks at 13 in my mum’s house and, by the age of 16, I had a consistent clientele, that’s where it all began. The word Relentless was birthed through my experiences with restrictionsin life, and how I possessed the ‘never give up’spirit.

Where did the idea forawaterproof adhesive come from?

The idea came to mind when a celebrity hairstylist and I were planning to work together in Miami. She expressed that she was worried about her hair maintenance for her upcoming yacht party and water sport events. That struck an idea within me, to start researching on how women could save their hairstyle and still enjoy outdoor and indoor water activities.

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Why is this product a must-have in the hair and beauty market and who is it for?

My product is for your everyday male and female customer, who may be looking for a unit to wear for fashion or personal purposes. I believe that having a unit that is stable, comfortable, flexible and waterproof can boost confidence. Plus, it doesn’t leave a mess behind or greasy residue.

Is the Relentless Waterproof Bond Adhesive the first of its kind?

Yes, my you can depend on it for its strength and long holding time.

What makes Relentless stand out from other products on the market?

Everyone wants that natural look when it comes to wearing a wig or lace unit, but a great adhesive is essential. Relentless is made for long-term wear as well as for a daily do it yourself hairstyle.

How is this going to change the way women wear extensions? This adhesive isagame-changer. It’s going to provide both women and men with more versatility and options; giving them the advantage of living their daily lives without being a prisoner to their wig maintenance.

How is it best used? It’samust-have for women who work out or have active schedules, and it can last up to four weeks. It also works well with other lace wig styling products too.

What does 2020 have in store for Relentless? World domination (lol). When it comes to the hair industry, this is my true passion! I want to continue to hone my skills within cutting, styling and colouring, and to continue to find and create new methods to make life a little easier for women and mums on the go. When you look good, your performance follows, and I believe that is my mission in life; to make women feel beautiful and to provide unmatched customer service!

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