The Best Hair-Care Routines for Black Women

Two Strand Twist Takeover! The two-strand twist is ideal for those times when you want a beautiful look without complicated techniques. It’s not only easy to do but also provides you with fabulous style. Achieve this beautiful updo in no time!

The Best Hair-Care Routines for Black Women Photo Gallery

1. Shampoo the hair with a moisturizing product formulated for natural curls

2. Apply your deep-conditioner of choice and sit under a hooded dryer to allow it to penetrate.

3. Rinse; then apply Bronner Brothers Tropical Twist Cream to the hair and brush through evenly.

4. Starting at the nape, create twists using small sections of hair.

5. Allow the twists to dry overnight (if you’re in a rush, blow-dry the hair using a diffuser).

6. Release the twists and brush the hair up to the crown.

7. Secure the hair with a satin-covered hair band to finish.

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