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Hi guys today I’ll be doing a review on a ghd’s salon styler this is what it looks like, I love this hair straightener, I got it about a month ago and, I purchased it on eBay but you can get this pretty much anywhere you can buy it at Amazon you can buy the beauty calm you can get it at Sephora it’s quite expensive it’s about two hundred and forty dollars plus tax here in Canada, I believe it’s a slightly cheaper if you live in the states, I got mine on eBay for a very good deal but if you’re buying your Sony B you got to be careful because you want to check the reviews of the seller on eBay to make sure that you know you’re going to get the real thing because there’s no point to spend. So much money on a straightener if you’re not sure if it’s going to be real or not.

So, I think, I purchased mine for about $150 which is a ridiculous price but um, I did check the seller and the reviews were great and um once you receive the straightener there’s a there’s a hologram um it’s here, I can’t really show you it’s right here inside and there’s a coat that you can go on the website and put the coat in and then make sure that the website will show you if it’s authentic or not. So, I was red, I was able to register this online at the jhd comm website and make sure that this is actually the real thing. So it is um, I love the straightener.

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I’ve used it quite a few times in the last month and it’s absolutely amazing. So today I’ll show you how, I straighten my hair with it um I’m just going to turn it on right now. So you just turn it on quickly here and it does a quick beep and then it heats up really fast it heats up in about 10 seconds, I think or 10 15 seconds.

So it does save you time because you don’t have to wait like with my old cheese straightener, I had to wait for a really long time like maybe a minute or. So side had to leave and come back to check if it’s hot or not. So this one I’m just touching it and, I can see it’s already hot.

So before, I start straightening my hair, I want to tell you a quick story about how, I found out about jhd stylers, I was once at a Jacobs it’s just a clothing store here in Canada and this girl was working there she had such beautiful straight hair, I was like oh my god, I have to tell her that, I love it here. So, I went up to her and I’m like oh my god, I love you here it’s. So straight and beautiful and then, I figured that her hair was naturally straight because it just looked like natural straight here um and she goes to me she’s like oh thank you the.

So nice of you to tell me that and then I’m like you don’t shade in your hair do you right it must be natural and she goes no are you kidding my hair’s curly I’m like you gotta be kidding no way. So, I was like you have to tell me what straightener you’re using and she said oh it’s ght you can get it at Sephora it’s like 20 or 50 but it it’s really amazing and she completely sold me on that after, I met that girl, I was like oh my god, I was obsessed, I was like, I need to get the straightener and, I I watched a lot of reviews on and, I I did a lot of research on Google and it is worth the money it’s it is expensive, I mean, I didn’t pay that much up for my straightener because, I got on eBay um but um if you buy it on the store it is quite expensive but, I think it’s worth it because we girls straight and I’m here all the time and if you like me have wavy curly hair like this you’re going to be using it quite a lot. So the investment is definitely worth it.

So right now I’m going to show you how, I will be straining my crazy hair, I just watched it, I didn’t really do anything to it um, I didn’t put any products in it, I just let it air dry because it’s just more natural. So whenever, I have time, I just let it air dry hair dry which is not every time um whenever, I don’t have time I’ll just quickly blow-dry it. So let’s try.

So, I can straighten it. So what, I usually do is section my hair. So it’s easier for me.

So just something like this I’m going to be oh before, I do that almost forgot before you straighten your hair blow-dry your hair curly hair it’s very important to protect it. So I’m just going to use this thermal protector from HD um it came with my purchase it came with my straightener I’m pretty I’m okay with it, I used a chi one before and it was pretty good too actually no, I don’t think, I like the Chi one um, I used, I think it was Alberto it was pretty good but this one works well, I think, I will repurchase it it’s a pretty good protector um there’s no static after, I use it. So that’s that’s pretty good.

So, I will just spray it all over my hair and then the front – okay and that should be good. So yeah just a few spritz and that should be enough and then just section my hair okay and you need probably two clips if you have longer hair. So the reason, I purchased the GHD styler because, I mean.

So long styler because they have two hair straighteners one is just a styler and the other one is this long styler um this one works better on longer hair and thicker hair. So, I usually wear my lucky hair extensions in my ear. So, I need to do this faster.

So the because the plates are wider on this Tyler on the stomata salon styler it’s easier and it’s faster to use to use this on longer and thicker hair. So if you have hair like mine and if you wear extensions this is probably a better choice they do that, I mean the price is the same. So you’re paying the same amount of money and it’s also really good for curling your hair.

So if you curly here um if you like to do like big voluptuous waves the straightener will work perfectly on it. So as you can see okay before um before, I strain a section, I usually just brush through it. So there’s no tangles.

So quickly brush through it and then it’s really hard and then just push it down, I usually do it twice just to make sure it’s perfect but you don’t really have to do it twice as you can see it’s already straight what because, I like my completely straight pin straight, I do it twice and then, I don’t know if you can see all of my hair this is what comes out shiny straight, I love it it took me about 20 minutes to straighten my hair but that’s usually how long it takes me again my hair is pretty long that’s why it takes me longer and, I do every stand strand about two times or three times to make sure it’s perfectly straight you don’t have to do that this trader is perfectly fine. So if you want to just do it once your print get straight hair out of it but if you want it you know silky straight then you got to do it twice probably. So I’ll show you the back, I hope, I didn’t miss anything there let me just go one more time because, I usually just double triple check my bag in the meet back in the mirror but it didn’t do it this time because, I don’t have any here, I hope you could see that.

So this is probably this is exactly what it looks like. So this is what my hair looks like when it’s done it’s silky straight and shiny takes me about 20 minutes to do this, I just bought this okay, I hope you can see it okay. So as you can see it’s beautiful and it looks nothing like my own hair which is crazy wavy curly.

So it’s definitely worth the money it’s a great straightener it’s a great investment piece for your hair um definitely yes but if your hair is naturally straight you might be better off just getting a regular inexpensive straightener but if your hair is wavy and unruly and it’s thick then this hair is perfect for you, I hope that was helpful please comment and rate the post and stay tuned for a lot more hair tutorials and hair reviews and hair posts thank you. So much guys bye bye.

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