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It is well worth practising this basic technique several times to perfect it You will be surprised how ingrained bad habits are. Start by placing your legs about hip-width apart. Avoid pushing firmly up with them; that is not the object Also, make sure that yourfeet are flat and are not placed so far forwards that coming up to stand is in any way difficult. Finally, remember to lead with the head; that is the key to getting this technique right.

Here the model is relaxed, feet apart, hands resting comfortably, Best haircuts for women ready to go into the standing position.

As she stands she has managed to keep the correct alignment between her head, neck and back.

Having hinged from the hip, sending her knees forwards and away over her feet, she is now properly upright.

See how the model’s weight is balanced over the feet, and how she is allowing her hand to lead her wrist and arm.

Here, the legs are straight and the head is pulled back, causing a lot of strain on the neck, and the shoulders are tense.

See how the arms remain well connected to the shoulder blades and back. Also, there is no tension in the arms and wrists.

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