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Cizelle Bryant slays every time she steps onscreen during the Bravo sensation The Real Housewives of Potomac. She’s an intelligent, beautiful, entrepreneurial powerhouse who is taking the beauty business by storm with her cosmetics line, EveryHue Beauty. We caught up with this supersister and found out about what’s going on in her busy life.

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Can you tell us about the concept and inspiration behind Every Hue Beauty?
I am a girl who has always loved to play in makeup. As an adult, I’ve struggled with finding products that really match my skin tone. Which left me—and so many other women—to mix a bunch of different products in order to get it right. Over time, that can become very costly and frustrating. I wanted to create a product that would alleviate the problem, so I started EveryHue Beauty. It’s every hue for everybody.
How did you develop your line? EveryHue Beauty was created by me, along with my three partners. One of my partners is a makeup artist and has been for 25 years. We just all went into the lab and started creating, mixing and formulating until we came out with perfection.
What do you want potential customers to know about EveryHue Beauty? I would love for potential customers to know that EveryHue Beauty was and is created by women. Most beauty lines are created by men who think they know what women want—and that is simply not true. Furthermore, this line was created by women of color.
I am trying to enhance women’s beauty from the inside out.
Your tinted moisturizer applies beautifully. What are some of the key ingredients? EveryHue Beauty has vitamin C, vitamin E and aloe. They will help keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy. Also, our Tinted Moisturizer has broad spectrum SPF. All skin needs to be protected from the sun.
What products are in the collection now, and what others do we have to look forward to? Currently, EveryHue offers a Tinted Moisturizer that is a weightless, buildable formula with a satin finish. This is complemented by a beautiful, soft foundation brush and a blender. In October, we launch our Compact Highlighter Trio. In the compact you will have a highlighter, setting powder and a bronzer all in one so that when you’re on the go you have only one thing to carry.

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