Best Hairstyles For Women With Thin Hair

When you reach your part, be careful leave about 1/8 of an inch of hair on either side of the part to diffuse the highlighted strands you will place under the part. This is so you won’t wind up with the dreaded “zebra stripes. ” If you want to see more highlights near the hairline or at the part, do only three or four on each side. You should plan the part area first, visualizing how the finished look will turn out.

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Then, mix up the formula and get started.

Practice Before You Make a Big Mess: If you are unsure of just how to handle the hair, do what professionals in training do: practice first. Even experienced colorists continue training classes all of the time, always taking care to practice a new technique before trying it out on a client. Before you mix the formula, you can practice with a dry run, so to speak. Start by simply clipping and parting the hair, and then start picking up tiny strands of hair to see just how it feels to paint with the brush. Slice off another section and play a bit. If you take the time to learn how to handle the hair beforehand, the real process is sure to be a breeze.

Color Breaks by Garnier. This product almost fooled my trained eye! It's kind of like reading directions. We often “read” them, but we somehow don’t notice the important stuff. When you first look at this product, you see the words “dimensional lightener”. Now to me, ‘dimensional' means lots of shades reflecting throughout the hair. This is the kind of high-end, natural look we are going for in the salon.

However, a second look at this product and you'll find it's just another highlight kit. This kit has a plastic bushy stick in it, which will be difficult to use because plastic is often very difficult to maneuver through the hair. Simply use a small hair color brush and paint the highlighting formula through.

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