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Last year Tolu Agoro was crowned the winner of the Cantu Curl Awards, the first recipient of this prestigious title created by the best-selling hair brand. The awards were designed to celebrate and reward talented hairstylists who specialise in textured hair. The Judges and crowd were duly impressed by the talent, skill and effervescent personality of Tolu, who competed against six other finalists to take the grand prize. As well as showcasing her hair skills on her platform Lu’s Curls, Tolu also counts acting, presenting, poetry, producing and directing among her varied sk’ s. We caught up with the multi-talented Cantu brand ambassador to find out more about her hectic schedule. 

Do you have a salon? 

do not own a salon, lama mobile stylist, and my clients enjoy the comfort of being styled in their own homes. However. I work from a couple of bases between Essex and east London should my clients wish to visit me to be styled. You are writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s UK hairstylist. 

Does she request certain styles or are you allowed to use your imagination? 

Ms Adichie is a woman of fine taste and style. She knows exactly what she likes and how, so when she is happy with the way she has been styled, it’s very gratifying. In terms of how I work with her, she usually chooses her own hairstyle, which her PA sends to me. Once received, I then practise the style on my friends and time how long it will take, as time is always of the essence when styling Ms Adie hie for important events. The more I have worked with her, I’ve discovered that she often requests the styles that I create for myself, which is hugely complimentary.

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Working with he1 is very humbling yet nerve racking, as I have the responsibility and creative freedom to style an icon who is revered by many internationally. How did you meet Chimamanda? I was very kindly recommended by the beautiful and awesome makeup artist Bernier Boating Ms Adichie was visiting the UK to receive the-award for the I harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards in 2017 and Ms Adichie’s team were on the lookout for a new glam team. Once they spotted Bernicia, they asked her to recommend hair stylists who work well with natural hair. I thankfully Ms Adichie and her team appreciated my work and her PA contacted me. The rest is history and it has been an incredible experience thus far. 

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