Best Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women in 2019

I want to add shine and luster to my hair without using heavy grease or oil. Do you have any suggestions?

For a natural-looking shine that won’t compromise the flow factor, try a shine spray or gloss. Mixed Chicks Hair Silk is a great product that can be used on natural or relaxed, straight or curly hair.

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My hair is natural and ranges from a type 3c to 4a curl pattern. I was looking for a change and wanted to know if there was a way for me to achieve a more traditional Afro look.

After washing, try blowing your hair out. Bend your head down and blow the hair out with a handheld dryer and brush. If the dryer comes with a comb attachment, detach it and use the nozzle only; combing can cause breakage. The end result will be straightened curls with an Afro-like shape.

My scalp is extremely sensitive and tends to get irritated-it gets inflamed and turns red-every time I use an at-home relaxer kit. What should I do?

The scalp reaction could be attributed to the possibility that you applied the relaxer incorrectly. If you applied it directly to the scalp instead of to the new growth only, that may be the problem. And if you did not base your scalp before applying the relaxer, then the scalp was not protected. On the other hand, you might be experiencing an allergic reaction that needs to be addressed by a dermatologist. Consider scheduling an appointment with one if you are really concerned. You may have to start going to a salon to take advantage of a professional’s knowledge to apply relaxer safely. This could ultimately yield better results.

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