The Best Hip Hop Dancer

How long have you been dancing?

I’ve been dancing for 3 years. I’ve danced at Shooter’s Alley and Pin-Ups. I did Kamals 21 for a hot minute and I’m thinking about Onyx.

Okay. An around the way girl. What got you started?

After a slumber party at a friend’s house, I woke the next day and saw a mutual friend getting dressed. She said she was going to work and I could work too for $50. I went that night and made a killing and the rest is history. I used to waitress at Olive Garden and Taco Mac- what you thought I was going back? But I was in school to be a Medical Assistant. I may go back.

Sounds like you like it! So tell me a little about you in the club- favorite song, favorite pole tricks.

I’m loving that Rack City by Tyga. When I hear it-1 get wild! I like to do tricks on the pole. The one I like most is to climb to the top of the pole and hit a backwards spilt while upside down then slide down using one leg.

What? I have to see this! You sound like a fan favorite! What would you say stands out about you in the club?

First off I’m chocolate and I have a smaller frame, but I’m still thick. I also like to dress up and do themes. I may be a china doll in geisha make-up one day and a cow girl the next. I love being a new girl every night! I stand out because most of the girls are your typical light-skinned thick chick with long weave.

How has your life changed since you started dancing?

I entered a whole new world so I had to grow up fast. It opened my eyes to the good bad and ugly of life. It showed me the greed and hunger and the sacrifices people make to make a buck.

Has it affected your family relationships or relationships with men?

Majorly. I was a daddy’s girl.

Once my dad found out- he cut me off completely. It still hurts, but I have to live my own life and pay my own bills. My mom doesn’t like it, but she doesn’t want me in her pockets so she’s cool. It definitely affects my dating life because when men first meet me- they’re meeting me naked!

So I’m only seen as sex and of course they’re not trying to take the time to get to know the real me. I’m a good woman you know (laughs).

I believe you honey. So what are your goals in the industry/outside the industry?

I want to open my own boutique. Hats are my signature so I want to open a hat boutique. But right now I model and I’ve been in a few videos like Rocko’s Goin Steady and Bobby V’s Outfit.

4 And I was featured in Sweets Magazine and Premium Magazine.

Do you have any regrets or things you wish you would have done differently?

I wish I would have known better-1 would have saved money and saved myself all the trouble I got into trying to make friends in this lifestyle. But I am glad I have a better money management plan now after 3years so I won’t have to dance forever.

Smart girl. Do you have any advice for women who want to dance?

Don’t get caught up in the extra! Dance. Get money. Go home. Ignore the dudes promising to change your life. Focus on bettering yourself so you won’t have to dance for too long. There’s money to be made.

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