The Best Homemade Floral Water Skin Toners

Floral waters are gentle, refreshing toners that are often packaged in fancy bottles and sold for a small fortune. Yet they are very quick, easy and inexpensive to make with essential oils and distilled water. You can choose a particular essential oil for its aromatherapy value or for its mild antimicrobial, antiseptic or other therapeutic properties. Floral waters can be used frequently during the day without drying the skin as much as alcohol- or vinegar-based astringents. Since essential oils are not water-soluble, they will separate from the water. The solution should therefore be shaken briefly but vigorously prior to each use. Floral waters are susceptible to bacterial contamination if they contain no alcohol, so these should be made in small batches, stored in the refrigerator and used quickly. By adding a small amount of alcohol you increase the astringent effect and lengthen shelf life. It is best to place floral waters in spray mist bottles in order to minimize bacterial contact. Misting is a pleasurable and effective way to tone and refresh the face.

Basic Floral Water Formula All/Dry

20 drops essential oil

2 oz. distilled water

Pour water and essential oil into a spray mist bottle, cap and shake. Mist onto face. Makes 2 oz. Variation: Add 1 teaspoon of vodka per 1 oz. of floral water for increased astringency and shelf life.

Lavender Water All

A soothing, reparative skin tonic for all skin types.

20 drops lavender essential oil

2 oz. distilled water

Place water in a 2-oz jar, add lavender essential oil drop by drop, cap and shake. It is ready to use.

Variations: Use chamomile essential oil for irritated skin, fennel and sandalwood essential oil for dry skin, lemongrass, grapefruit and other citrus essential oils for oily skin, and rosemary, tea tree and sage essential oil for acne-prone skin. Refer to the Essential Oils section in the Ingredients chapter for further information.

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