How did he cope with such fame and attention from the age of 18? “Linda said something to me once; that I experienced just like the Stones and The Beatles, ‘Super Fame,’ at the age of 18. I had 30 top ten smash records, 300 covers of my songs by the age of 26. I filled every concert hall in the world, and had recognition by pretty much every major artist in the world for the work I was doing.

“She said that the fact people may not have recognised all of what I did was actually a protection. ‘Super Fame,’ is not safe. She was 16 when she met Brian Jones, and experienced him rising from the success he was happy with; when he was playing in all the rhythm and blues clubs, and she saw him about to enter what’s called ‘Super Fame,’ with The Rolling Stones.”

Brian became one of Donovan’s best friends. “Brian couldn’t handle it. It was too much. The Beatles were completely catapulted out of Liverpool into ‘Super Fame.’ It is gonna become really dangerous and it was.. ..To tell you the truth, the ‘Super Fame’ that I had, attracted some strange things and threats.

“So had I been recognised for the fullness of what I was doing then, I think it would have been dangerous for me. Somebody might have taken a poke at me. People get obsessed, it’s called fatal attraction. We did have some very odd threats; shall we say LSD cases; who made a fantasy world around my music and felt I had let them down, and therefore I was to blame. So when you are an extraordinarily successful poet, singer-songwriter, millions heard my songs and actually their lives were enriched, helped and also improved by listening. But some may have felt the opposite.”


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