Best Jessica Alba Hairstyles Our Top 10

Best Jessica Alba Hairstyles – Our Top 10


I have given her a site part then on the larger side of the part I am just gonna take a section right here at the front of her head I am gonna split it into three then I am gonna start like I am doing a regular braid then the piece down here that I would normally bring up I am going to drop, and instead of pulling that up.

I am going to take a piece of hair from her head you do not want to get it down too far. Because you do not wanna leave a bare spot, and I am gonna add that over, and break that in this is how it is kind of like a french braid then again this piece that I do not normally bring up.

I am gonna draw up grab hair your head  keep reading drop that piece I am gonna do this around the back of her head, and I am getting close to her ear over here so everyone do not want to go too far past this I am gonna do one more  now they are going to gather, and all of the rest sure you can see here gathering hair from the front by her face my last section.

1. Princess Bun:

Prince bun

2. Long Hair Curls:

Long hair curl

3. Short Hair:

Short hair

4. Pixie Cut:

Pixel Cut

5. Ribbon Knot Bun:

Ribbon knot bun

jessica alba

6. Mummy Bun:

Mummy Bun

7. Cropped Bob:

cropped bob

8. Side Part:

SIde part

9. Bouffant:


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