I think Asian women have the most beautiful lips; they can look amazing either in rich or extremely soft colors.

Experiment with deep-toned raisin or clove shades rich spice tones look especially pretty if your lips are full and dark-toned naturally. In general, red-brown tones look better than orange-red ones. Or try pale lip colors, especially if your natural lip tone is light. Pinks even the palest pinks can be extremely pretty.


Too-dark eye shadow colors that make the eye look smaller Contouring in an effort to create an eyelid this is almost always a bad idea.


We took all our lessons together, although at night were scattered over the four hostels. About one-third of P1 23 were in Queen Anne Terrace, along with P1 22 cadets and engineers. We got to know each other during the first fortnight, and formed our various groups and alliances. The majority of us were contracted to the big tanker fleets, although there were a few who were with cargo liner companies, and tramps. From the second day, I regretted not having joined a general cargo tramp company and kicked myself for signing with a tanker firm. Plymouth was a school for tramps. The ethos of the college was firmly general cargo tramp ships. A ‘tramp’ was a cargo vessel that wandered round the world, picking up cargos where it could, with no regular line, no ploughing to and from the same ports. All the lecturers were ex-tramp officers; all master mariners. Between and during classes, they would regale us with tales of taking copra from the south seas to Singapore then general goods to San Francisco, then south to Chile to load phosphates for Europe, east again with wine and cars, and so on.

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