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The look THE DEEP V NECK THE BUST BOOSTER With the promise of perking up your bust line without going under the knife, the PDO Thread Breast Lift (from £2,850) is ideal for a quiet confidence boost. Under local anaesthetic, about 50 polydioxanone threads (made from the material used in dissolvable stitches) are inserted under the skin in a web-like pattern to create an inner mesh that works like an underwired bra to lift the breasts by, it’s claimed, as much as 5cm.

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They are also designed so that, over time, they stimulate collagen and new blood vessels, improving the oxygen supply to the skin, which helps to reduce crêpiness. After the 60-minute treatment, patients can expect to feel tender and bruised (although many head straight back to work) and the doctor advises wearing a special support bra for about a week.

While the boosting effects could last for up to two years, it’s important to note that this works best on smaller busts needing a gentle lift, rather than D-cup-plus breasts with more severe sagginess. WHO TO SEE Dr Charlotte Woodward and Dr Victoria Manning at River Aesthetics Clinics in Hampshire and London (01590 608 480;

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