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Most women who decide to color at home do so for the convenience and the cost. All too ofen, though, navigating the confusing maze of boxes on the drugstore shelf and following the often-confusing instructions correctly can be far from convenient. Often, this may result in mistakes that can be very costly, indeed.

As was discussed in an earlier chapter, it’s best to start slowly and give careful thought to the final results you are looking for, before you dive into home hair color. Ti this section, I’ll offer you a few tips and tricks, which will help you, get started on the right foot and help keep your costs to a minimum, as long as you follow the directions carefully. But first, let’s look at some of the new products available on the shelves.

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When you go to the hair color section and find the shade you want, be sure to look for the category of the product usually found near the bottom of the box. This will tell you what type of hair color process you are purchasing. Most products fall into one of the following categories: Permanent, NonPermanent, Demi-Permanent, Semi-Permanent, or Glazing.

The two largest home hair color companies, Clairol and L’ Oreal, have recently released a few new products, which might cause some confusion. This is the list of the products you will need to be wary of before you buy. Remember, if you buy it and investigate the instructions and find the product is not right for you, feel free to return it. Yes, you can return a box of hair color you’ve already opened just as long as you haven’t opened what’s inside.

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