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HAVE AN EXIT STRATEGY Starting and running a new business is risky. We instinctually want to identify an exit whenever we step into a risky situation. For example, when we walk onto an aeroplane, we instinctually want to know where the exit is. Why is it that salon owners seem to rarely have an exit plan?

To define your exit strategy for your salon, you will need to develop your personal long-term plan. How much money do you want to have to retire? What

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When Gabe was six months old, I felt ready to leave the sanctuary of Mum’s, and we made the move to Wellington so we could all be together full time as a family unit and pursue that lifestyle we had dreamed of. This is when things really started moving for us. We spent the first three months living at Jason is aunty Janet is house in Papakowhai while we found a house to rent and I looked for a job. She was so generous towards us, and really helped us out while we found our feet and made the transition from a small town to the city; nonetheless, we couldn not help but feel we were in the way and were keen to find our own place. There were so many more opportunities in a big city. We figured we wouldn not be able to afford a rental in the city itself, so I focused my job search on Lower Hutt. I thought my best hope of a job was in retail, and I set to work pounding the pavement. I printed twenty copies of my CV and walked around Queensgate mall with the pushchair, handing them out. It was very hands on there were no email applications in those days! I was so lacking in confidence at that stage that I said barely a word as I handed my CV over. (I’m sure many of them were put straight into the rubbish bin.

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