It’s hard to find country music on the radio today. It sounds more like pop music. If a pickup truck ain’t in it, it ain’t going to make it!”

There is a superb version of one of her songs, Everyone Wants To Go Heaven (But No One Wants To Die), on this new album. So how does Loretta want people to remember her, when she eventually takes her rightful place up there?

“I would hope that people, when they thought of me, would say ‘she was a good person’. And that ‘she brought a lot of people together with her singing.'” Loretta wants to be buried in one of her beautiful trademark gowns. So has she made any other plans for her funeral? “Not at the moment; I ain’t going no place for a while. I got to see how my record’s going be doing first.”

Icon. Superstar. Legend. First lady of country. Undeniably deserved labels in the case of Loretta Lynn. But she’s having none of it… “I ain’t a star – a star is something up in the night sky. People say to me, ‘You’re a legend.’ I’m not a legend. I’m just a woman.”

FULL CIRCLE was released on March 4th by Sony’s Legacy Recordings. Simon Redley


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