This year, more than a few stars decided to fully embrace the womens movement First Patricia Arquette, 47, used her Oscar acceptance speech to rail against the wage gap. Then, in October, 25-year-old Jennifer Lawi ice wrote an essay on the same issue, decrying her past willingness to accept lower pay rather than kick up dust Meanwhile, her pal Amy Schumer, 34, earned guffaws with girl power, skewering sexism on her show and in her breakout box office smash, Trainwreck.


Junkie heaven. So, what we had was a crew that kept going throughout the day in a fractured way; never at full strength, although always with enough people to continue the job, albeit at an overall sedentary pace. Once we saw the working pattern of the crew, we became a bit despondent because we thought that a lot of extra work would fall on us two new cadets. Jimmy growled about it and was set to rebel. However, things didn’t work out like that, and we settled into a slightly slower pace of life than usual – certainly slower that I had been used to. The crew of the Horomaya were mostly a docile bunch and didn’t have the suppressed menace and violence of the only previous white crew I had sailed with. The alchies became riled on occasions and fought among themselves, but that was rare. The junkies never caused trouble. There was only one exception: one singularly different individual; one person who walked out of step with the others. He was grouped as one of the alchies, even though his drinking was only occasional, thankfully.

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