Best Short Haircut Styles For Men

The bob is a classic, and beautiful highlights always add a beautiful modern flair to the look. Our first model is laced in a fabulous custom wig created by hairstylist Nathaniel Lorquet. Here’s how to get the look.

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Start off with clean, conditioned hair. Part a small section of leave-out around the front perimeter of the head. Braid the rest of the hair down flat toward the nape and cover the braided portion with a wig cap. Place the prestyled wig at the section between the leave out and the braided hair. Blend the leave out with the wig hair and flat-iron to style. For a fab second look, sweep the hair back into a ponytail and add a clip-on ponytail to the hair. Sweep the ponytail over one shoulder for the finished look.

If you’re all about wondrous waves, this look is one to try! Our model is lovely in this midlength wavy *do, another custom hairpiece created by hairstylist Nathaniel Lorquet. Here’s how to style the look.

Shampoo, condition and blow-dry the hair. Create six to eight cornrows down toward the nape, keeping a little leave-out hair near the crown. Place a wig cap over the braids and attach wefts in a wavy texture directly to the wig cap with bonding glue. Trim the ends to shape the waves and then comb a little hair down toward the front to form a small bang for the first look. As an alternative style, sweep the bangs back away from the face and slick the leave-out hair back with a little gel to get the finished look.

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