Best Short Haircuts For Black Women

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The image above shows that growing healthy hair has nothing to do with supermarket bought products although some of them are useful and most are beautifully scented. Even without access to all the stuff that we put in our hair today it is possible to grow beautiful, healthy natural Afro hair.

You don’t have to load your hair down with ochre and butter either.

The trick is to understand what your hair really needs.

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Afro hair IS different! On the outside, it is the unique tight little curls that make Afro hair distinctive, give it interesting texture and allows for a whole range of truly unique styles and make it so beautiful!

Natural Afro hair can be one of a million shades from glossy brown to any of the many hues of black. The color and texture of your hair depends on the genes handed down from your parents. These determine the amount of color in your hair strands, the softness and texture, the amount of curl and how the curl in your hair reflects light from different angles as well as the longest length your hair will reach.

The tight, small curls of Afro hair allow exotic stvline.

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