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Essential oils may be extracted from (Santalum album) exotic plants such as Sandalwood orYlang Ylang, Best short haircuts for men or from the more common plants such as Lavender and Chamomile, but each one has its own characteristics and properties.Try to get used to a few oils at first, understand their different effects, and enjoy their fragrance!

Essential oils are in fact concentrated substances; while the skin of citrus fruits such as Lemon or Orange may yield a fair amount of oil, flowers such as roses only contain tiny amounts of the precious essence – about 5,000 roses may be needed to obtain 5ml/1 tsp of what is called a pure essential oil. Such a concentration really emphasizes the importance of only using drop doses of the oils in a suitable dilution, because a little goes a long way.

Oils are extracted from many different plant parts. Each contains powerful healing properties, Nature provides an abundance of therapeutic compounds to help us regain our health.

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