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Begin Fall Beautifully and Naturally our face has had a great summer. It’s been soaking up sunshine, whenever possible, while protected by lots of sunblock. It sweated through golf rounds and tennis games, and was kissed by the wind while sailing on Kempenfelt Bay. But as fall changes the temperature from balmy to bracing, your face needs some change-of-season TLC.

Krista Kennedy, owner of Natural Balance Day Spa in Barrie, recommends a refreshing facial to revitalize your skin. “We always recommend a good facial in the fall to clean your skin up after the summer,” says Kennedy. “You’ve been outside, had a lot of sun exposure and been using sunscreen. You skin’s pores can become quite clogged just from the excess of oil and sweat.”

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If you haven’t visited Natural Balance Day Spa yet, now is the perfect time to make your initial visit.

“We recommend that our first time clients have our custom facial,” says Kennedy, who features a facial special every September and October. “The facial is customized to suit your skin’s condition on the day you come in. We do a skin analysis to assess hydration, pore size and whether extraction is required. Then, we decide what product line would be best for your skin depending on whether you have sensitive, dry or oily skin.”

Natural Balance Day Spa is known for using only environmentally friendly natural product lines for their services. This includes manicures and pedicures with vegan nail polish by Spa Ritual.

“There are no animal by-products in Spa Ritual,” explains Kennedy. “Many times, companies will use fish scales in nail polish for sparkle. The maker of Spa Ritual derives all of their colours from natural sources like berries. We try to be as natural as possible. Some clients come in because they have allergies or sensitivities. We have many expectant mothers who are trying to steer clear of any chemicals. It makes for a nice, relaxing treatment for them because they know they are not exposing their unborn babies to any kind of chemicals.”

Many natural products used at the spa are made in Canada. In fact, two skincare lines, Soapstones and Face Addiction, are from Muskoka. Face Addiction, the spa’s popular main line, is made in Huntsville. Kennedy chose the Canadian companies’ skin care products after much research.

“Most of the natural product lines were from the States,” says Kennedy, who is from Bracebridge. “Then, I was introduced to Soapstones and in turn introduced to Face Addiction. Those lines are Canadian and, as a bonus, are made where I came from.”

Kennedy promises soothing, unhurried spa time for all her clients.

“The most important thing is we take extra time with our clients,” she says. “They are never rushed out of a service or after a service. It’s a very relaxed and peaceful environment. That’s what keeps our clients coming back.”

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