Best Spring 2020 Makeup Trends and Ideas to Copy

It’s all about the base At NY Fashion Week, Khaite kept it simple – makeup artist Gucci West man created a * beauty look consisting of a fresh, dewy base 1 and a natural flush below the cheekbones. If You feel that your skin needs a little help or you don’t feel comfortable about being completely barefaced, then you need to think about some of the lovely modern foundations that are sheer but hydrating and brightening. These products allow your skin to shine through instead of masking it. Secondly, you have control over application…so you can apply it where you need it and blend in. 

Glitterati the way! Let’s be honest, we all love a touch of glitter; we might not want it to be all over us, but we know that it can add a touch of sparkle, shimmer and shine to makeup. There was glitter galore on the catwalks of many designers, including Rihanna’s favourite LaQuan Smith, and we are sure there will be glitter looks this summer. 

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Try applying your glitter on the outer and inner corner of your eye, creating a sort of 3D effect so you sparkle from every angle. If you love a smokey eye, another option is to make it pop with glitter. Do your regular smokey eye and then make it pop by applying some glitter overthetop. Glitter eyeliner can be a fab touch too.

The brows have it Bold brows that have been making a comeback over the past few seasons and this summer is no exception. Bold still means groomed and, very importantly, suited to your complexion. This summer, your brows can be bold but not overwhelming or dominating your face. So if you’ve been doing your brows in black, it’s time to consider a softer tone.Another look to try is glossy brows, which can look stunning pared with minimal makeup. After filling in and setting your brows with a good brow gel, gently add shine with something like Smashbox Brow Tech Gloss Stick Strawberry Net, £17.50, or a little bit ofVaseline.

If you like the idea of maintaining glowy looking makeup, skip the powder unless you really need it in yourT-zone. Another tip is to use a hydrating mist to help keep your makeup looking fresh and moist. If possible, opt for one that includes ingredients like hyaluronic acid for an added moisture boost. 

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