Best Way To Kiss A Man

Steal your partner away for a quick second whether you are at a party or out in public. Take them by the hand and pull them to a secluded private area, then give them a big kiss. Pull away and drag them back inside. This will give them such a rush, wanting more but knowing they can’t get it right now. You are in control of the situation, and there is nothing your partner can do about it. It can be quite a turnon to have no control over a situation. Then, when you finally are alone, you will be able to kiss away, and the sparks that started earlier won’t be lost.

The trick here is to be totally discreet and don’t let anyone know what you are up to. Part of the excitement is the spontaneity and the anticipation of what will come later. You will be the only two in the room that will know about it. Don’t pull them away, though, if it is totally obvious to everyone what you are doing. That will spoil the fun. If you can’t pull them away, mention that you really need to talk to them in private, or even whisper that you would like to kiss them but for obvious reasons you can’t. It will stay on their mind all night.

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When your partner gives you a quick peck in the morning when they are running late for work, pull them back in and give them an unexpected proper kiss. Don’t be too long, though; remember they are in a rush. Once you have given them a proper kiss, say goodbye and carry on like nothing happened. This will leave them with a smile on their face thinking about it all day. Don’t do this too often, though, because they will come to expect it and it won’t be as much of a surprise anymore.

Sweet little kisses on the mouth in between whispering, “I love you,” or other compliments like, “You have such kissable lips,” or, “You have such beautiful eyes,” is very romantic. Say it with your eyes open. This way you are saying it to them and they know you mean it. You’re not just swept up in the moment.

A kiss on the hand is nice, something a little less than a kiss, but still letting the person know you like them. It is on a different level than a kiss on the mouth, but it is one of those gestures that can say more than words.

Kisses on the forehead when you are standing facing your partner is a surprise. They might think you are going to kiss them on the lips, but they get one on the forehead or somewhere else that is just as nice. Just be sure you are tall enough to reach!

Start with kissing your partner on the hand and slowly work your way up their arm and up the neck. Start off slow then get faster and when you get to their neck give them a kiss where you nuzzle your nose in. This is a funny romantic kiss, because it is different (and may remind you both of the Addams Family!). Also their neck will start to tickle. This is fun, and it can sometimes turn into a more passionate kiss.

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