Best Weight Loss Tips

Best Weight Loss Tips


The optic system provides the view to the world and the incredible range of colours, shapes and objects. Light enters the eyes through the cornea (lens) which focuses and passes light through the pupil. This regulates the amount of light within the iris, the coloured part of the eye.

Muscles within the eye (ciliary muscles) cause the lens to bulge or flatten and transfer light to the retina. Within the retina, millions of light receptors called cones (for colour) and rods (for black and white) build an image which is then transferred to the brain for final evaluation, via the optic nerve. The eyes are protected by the eyelid. Blinking keeps the eye moist and clean, eyebrows keep sweat from the eyes and eyelashes keep dust away from the eyes. The optic system can become strained by poor lighting or excess use of computers, television screens and excess ultraviolet sunlight. Protection of the eyes is vital to maintain good vision for many years.

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Vitamin A is essential for correct peripheral (side) vision, colour vision and night vision. It protects against eye infections and a prolonged deficiency can lead to blindness.

Fluorine assists the function of the iris and promotes a sparkle to the eye.

Silicon repairs damaged tissues.

Zinc is stored within the eyes and a deficiency can lead to poor sight.

Calcium assists to prevent cataracts.

Vitamin C is essential for the lens of the eyes and nourishment of eyes.

Vitamin P assists vitamin C functions.

Vitamin B2 promotes clear vision.

Vitamin B5 nourishes the eyes.

Vitamin B6 protects against eye strain and cataracts.

Choline protects from glaucoma.

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