Big eye makeup

Big eye makeup

Since your oriental eyes need very specific applications, it will be more practical to handle them separately. The eastern eyes are sometimes less inclined, more often slightly inclined, and some times not completely inclined.

One of the most striking features of the oriental eyes is the flatness of the eye-pit areas. Because the eye itself and the nose bridge do not come together in many areas, the landing between the two is weak to some extent.

If the oriental eye is only obtained with paint, it is usually necessary to illuminate the entire eyeball field, especially Plane A, to bring the eye forward and to restore natural shadows. At some times in plane E there is a weakly bulging effect. If you wish to create this effect, you can style it as a bag or as a transverse wrinkle with general shadow and high light.

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Two small shades are required in the lighting fixture. One is a crescent-shaped shadow in the drop channel which gives the image of the near curvature of the eye.

The second shadow is located in the outer third of the upper lid and may extend slightly beyond the eye. For women who use makeup, a slight upward bend to this shadow will often be effective.

The eyebrows normally bend slightly upwards, with a short or even degree of flatness. Instead of following the eye downward at an angle, he can suddenly see the Oriental eyebrows at the end, just as it is natural for the eyebrows of the young people in the Caucasus. But there are differences.

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