Big Ponytail Tutorial How to get the volume

Today we had this really big voluminous ponytail tutorial I love this it’s inspired by Lucy house ponytail from the VMAs but that one was a lot like my quick summertime updo or ponytail post that I did which I will link in the description box so I decided to add to that by adding some braids and just making it a little bit more me so I hope you guys enjoy this and let’s get started so we’re going to start out by separating the hair from in front of your ears and I actually took a little bit more than the hair that was just in front of my ears so the sections going back would be a little bit bigger this is a good tip to use if you have fine or thin hair then you’re going to do the same thing on the other side just take the hair from the front of the ears or just a little bit more and then you’re going to clip those out of the way now if you want some extra volume.

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And I totally recommend it you should give your crown just a little bit of teasing and then once your teasing is done just smooth the top so that everything looks nice from the top then of course pull it all into a ponytail I put mine kind of in the middle of my head you could do high or low depending on what you want but I think middle to low is going to look the best so now we’re going to go ahead and curl everything but first I’m going to apply heat protectant to make sure my hair is protected while I use a curling iron and then I am using a three quarter inch curling iron because my hair is a little difficult to curl but if yours holds a curl well I recommend a 1 inch curling iron just depending on your hair type now curling the hair helps to add to volume because whenever you curl the hair you make it more voluminous so once you have a curled ponytail it’s going to be a lot more voluminous than a straight one so because we’re trying to get a really big voluminous ponytail here of course.

I’m curling it just to give it as much volume as possible and now we’re going to let down the sides and curl them as well I applied heat protectant off camera for these but I’m just curling all these pieces away from the face and this is going to help once these get back and into the ponytail that way they blend nicely because they’re curled the same way as the ponytail is curled then once you’ve got that done go ahead and break up the curls a little bit you can see that I’m doing that by shaking them and then just gently running my fingers through them I wanted messy curls so this was a really great way to get that effect and now it’s time for the braids now I added in a little one clip hair extension weft just so I would have a little bit more hair to work with I have a DIY on that just in case you want it or the braids you’re just going to take section of hair as big or as small as you want it to be and just braid it all the way down now mine is kind of like a medium section you could go with a really small micro braid or even make a bigger section for a bigger more noticeable braid just depending on what you like then I also decided to do like the micro is of micro braids with the head it was right over my ear.

And that’s totally up to you if you want to add that you can I don’t really know if it like being such a small braid really added to the hairstyle a lot but I did it so I thought I would tell you guys if you want to that’s what I did next so then you repeat the same thing on the other side taking your larger section and then writing that down and then doing your extra micro braid if you want to and now we just have to pin everything together so you’re going to grab the extra hair and your micro braids and leave out the larger braids because we’re going to deal with that a little bit later so sweep back the extra hair in your micro braids so they go right over the ponytail and cover the elastic then you can either pin that hair right next to the elastic or right underneath the ponytail whichever you prefer and you can see that having this hair left out is going to make your ponytail look a lot bigger but then we’re going to do the same thing on the other side so grab your hair and your micro braids if you made one and sweep them over again so that they cover anything that’s left of the elastic and pin it underneath or on the side then all we have left to do is grab the other braids that are left so you’re going to take them in the back you’re going to cross them over each other once they’re going to cross them over each other one more time then you just pin that in place so you’ve got this little cool loop d loop going on with the braids which i think looks really cool once you’ve got that pinned in place I’m actually going to add some little clips into the ponytail so I’m separating a section out and putting in these little jaw clips into the ponytail but basically all you have to do is add these little clips in and then makes the ponytail look even bigger you can see at the end of this we have a super voluminous super big ponytail which I love I think this is a cool statement piece and it’s a fun way especially for those of you with thinner finer hair to get a fuller looking ponytail so I hope you guys have enjoyed this and I’ll see you in my next post muah I you.

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