Marcel Wanders’ Tulips Grey mosaics reinterpret the Dutch flower for contemporary times. The blossoms were done with hand cut glass enamels on a digitally created grey and ivory background. It also comes in a brown variant.


BiSAZZA Photo Gallery

We would see the photographs later: groups of men and women in strange costumes, all holding drinks, all smoking, all grinning at the camera. My father told a lot of war stories. We loved his war stories. Peter and I would sit crosslegged on the floor while he told us of being a bomber pilot in the early part of the war, based in the Middle East, somewhere near Alexandria I think. He flew Wellingtons to bomb places in southern Europe. He was 19. His drinking stories in Alex were fabulous: drinking all day in seedy bars, drinking all night in glamorous nightclubs, drinking in the mess between missions, getting attacked in the street by the local Egyptians in the early hours after a drinking session because he said the ’Gypos hated the British, losing a day in his life after drinking some grim home-made brew. He used to tell us a story about a film that was being shown at the local cinema in Alexandria which featured the British being thrashed by the Arabs in some conflict in the Middle East; the cinema was packed out and the audience of locals were enjoying seeing the British getting what they deserved. As the tempo of the film picked up and the British came off worse and worse, the audience became worked up to a fever pitch: Kill the British! Kill them! The dogs! Yes! Yes! Hurrah! Yes! Kill them all! and suchlike they screamed, leaping up and down and stamping their feet and cheering. Then the whole balcony collapsed under the weight of it all, killing dozens, wounding scores.

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