Black African Short Haircuts

Make 4 to 10 thick braids/ twists (depending on the length of your hair – whatever you’re comfortable with) and secure each end by wrapping with thread or clips. Then wet the whole head with water. Taking one braid at a time, undo the braid, feed the shampoo, soap, or other cleanser to the roots of the wet hair of that section. Hold the hair roots between the pads of your fingers and thumbs (No nails please!) gently rub the roots of your hair and rub the section of the scalp using small circular motion cleaning each portion as you go. Rinse section, comb through with fingers, braid and secure again with thread or clip and move onto the next section.

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Only cleanse a second time if hair is very dirty. Follow the same directions. Rinse again thoroughly. Wipe the excess water from the hair with a cotton towel.

If you condition separately, apply the conditioner section by section in the same way as you did the shampoo and make sure you cover the scalp. Leave conditioner on the head for at least three minutes but not longer than 20 and then rinse out with cool or slightly warm – never hot – water. Wipe excess water with a cotton towel.

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The conditioner you use should have an acidic ph. Otherwise you will need to acid rinse your hair.

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