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Daisy’s Discoveries US

407 Waverly St, Framingham;(508) 620-1656 Mr. C isn’t sure which is the real discovery: this jam-packed little shop, or Daisy herself. She’s an outgoing sort who warmly greets everyone who walks in and winds up being a surrogate mother to many of them by the time they walk out.

Clothing, housewares, jewelry, and decorative bric-a-brac from the 1920s onward fill every square inch of this former railroad building, across from the Framingham train station. Though it has the feel of a thrift shop, all of this merchandise is sold on consignment. You may find some new items, like a batch of Bill Rodgers mesh running shirts for $2.99 each; most of the clothing is used, as was a Neiman-Marcus blazer and blouse set ($20).

Amazingly, Daisy has managed to cram ten rooms full of stuff. Head down to the basement, for instance, and you’ll find vintage fashions from the ’50s and ’60s (very popular with area college students and theater groups). The fanciest of gowns rarely tops $15. Not only can you find hats and gloves to complete the outfit, but back upstairs, you can even add a chartreuse-shaded parlor lamp.

As Daisy herself told Mr. C, We specialize in the fun, the dumb, the weird, and the unusual. Most unusual of all is the store’s guest book; given the town’s melting-pot new-

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