Never use sun-lightening products such as lemon juice or over-the-counter products that are meant to lighten hair in the sun, or you may soon find yourself needing a short haircut to prune away the damage.


In fact, maybe the ‘perfect’ work–life balance doesn not actually exist, and so perhaps we should stop trying so hard, and beating ourselves up, to achieve it! Balance is a forever changing and moving state that we need to be in tune with so we can make mindful choices about what we need to prioritise and give energy to on any given day. The key is to be open, aware and tuned in to the little signs saying, ‘Hey, there is a wee problem brewing over here you may want to take a look’, before they turn into a big slap in the face and you get the wake-up call that was needed a while ago. For example, being aware that you have worked late for the past few nights and not been home on time to put your kids to bed, and noticing the kids and your partner have left the house in the morning several days in a row without you saying goodbye to the and then a week has gone by and you feel like you have missed your family at every opportunity. Or recognising they are sick of your face being in the laptop, your stressed and frustrated expression when you do look up from it, and you not paying attention to them while they’re trying to talk to you. They would rather just stay away. Business-wise you may have an inkling that some sort of tax obligation is due soon you’re not 100 per cent sure but you have a fair idea. You may mention it briefly to someone, they kinda confirm what you were thinking, you know you haven not been setting money aside for this, and you’re avoiding talking seriously about it with your accountant (if you have one). Then year-end comes and, boom that company tax you kinda knew about hits and you owe the IRD $25,000. If you are tuned in to the signs, you will realise what is happening before it gets out of control and can take steps to reinstate some balance. Balance in all parts of your life is paying attention to the little things, especially those things with a potentially negative impact, and addressing them before they blow up in your face, making you feel like life is out of control.

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