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It is almost impossible to condition Afro hair too much. Afro hair loses moisture constantly and this must be replaced and then sealed in. Regular deep conditioning can restore the moisture levels for short periods. For very dry hair, deep condition even as often as once a week. In between deep conditioning it is important to moisturize hair almost daily. Different natural conditioning ingredients are described at the end of this chapter to help you condition your hair at home or you can buy a ready-made product from the shop.

Good conditioners also acidify the hair which returns hair to its normal acidic environment and this encourages the reformation of weak hydrogen bonds between the scales of the cuticle.

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To condition your hair, follow the same steps for sectioning your hair as we described under washing hair and section your hair in four of more parts. Cover each section of hair with a generous amount of the chosen conditioner. Cover hair with a plastic or water proof cap. Wrap a towel over the cap to generate some warmth if you like. Then relax around the house for a couple of hours before rinsing off the conditioner with slightly warm water.

Choose the right conditioner or make your own. Each head is different and finding a conditioner that works for you is a process of trial and error.

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