Black Short Hair Designs

Repetition! Repetition! Repetition! Repeat until you no longer have to actively think about what you must do, you just find yourself automatically doing it. Like riding a bicycle – just get back on every time you fall off. (No-one is watching and no-one is keeping count!)

Start at the beginning of the blog. We have tried to arrange the lessons in the order we think are most important and encourage you to work your way through even the bits you think don’t apply to you or are boring. All the lessons are important! Take whatever lessons you can from reading this blog and add it to your own knowledge and experience with your own hair (because every head of hair is different) to develop a routine that works for you and your hair. Make this system your own.

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Above all enjoy the unique God-given blessing of your hair.

Secret I – Reconnect with traditional wisdom

Before we begin here is a reminder that if you want to get to the core lessons of this blog you can simply skip to the Tips and Tricks section at the end of each important section.

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