Black Walnut and Tea Tree Salve Homemade

This strong-acting salve for fungal, viral and septic skin conditions is also helpful when applied to a bite to reduce swelling and foster healing. See formula 113.

Black Walnut and Tea Tree Salve Homemade Photo Gallery

No more fad diets I was determined to get in shape by feeding my body the best possible fuel I could. This meant eliminating white bread, pasta, excess sugar and most things that came in packets biscuits, muesli bars, pre-made pasta sauces and stir-fry sauces and the like. Trying to reduce my intake of processed foods was quite an eye-opener: it really brought home to me how much packet and processed food our family consumed, and just how much we needed to change the focus to fresh, unprocessed foods. It wasn not until I really focused on ‘clean’ eating that the weight started to come off, and eating more fresh vegetables and fruit, lean meat, wholegrains and good fats as well as upping my water intake really wasn not that difficult. Getting my family on board was a little more tricky the kids moaned and groaned at first but actually the changes to the way we ate were not drastic and didn not involve me adding anything unusual to our diets, just taking some things out. I also topped up their meals with things they were used to, like potatoes or pasta. They came to love green smoothies and became good at making good food choices for themselves, and I saw a real change in their moods after we moved away from processed, high-sugar foods. In saying that, I recognised the importance of balance in their lives, so treats were not completely off the table. After some initial resistance, Jason also embraced it, and is to this day more disciplined than I am! In March 2012, I started to post updates of my journey on my personal Facebook page, mainly for my own accountability if I told the world I was going to the gym, I had to do it. I was also posting a lot of inspiration photos (mainly Photoshopped pics of hot, ‘perfect’-looking women with mean abs and lean bodies!), which I now recognise as being pretty superficial.

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