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I Put one arm behind your back and bend it up, with the hand reaching the other shoulder With your other arm raised and bent down over your shoulder try to clasp your fingers.

I Hold your arms straight out to the sides and stretch them. Alternately flex and extend your hands. Black women short haircuts from the back Feel the pull on the upper and lower sides of your forearms as you do so.


I Finally, link your fingers together and stretch your arms high above your head. Repeat several times.

Meditation has been in use from the beginning of time: people have always sought inner quiet and physical relaxation, whether for reasons connected with the spirit, self-realization or health. You do not have to be a physical contortionist to achieve and enjoy the benefits of meditation at both physical and mental levels.

What, then, is meditation? As one speaker put it recently, it is just sitting and relaxing. Many people find that their lives are so full of the demands of work, family, friends and j organized leisure pursuits that they have no time to stand and stare. Many are so caught up in planning and working towards the future that they take little pleasure from the here and now. In their bustle to get on they miss out on the simple pleasures of life. But beauty aijd joy are there to be seen and experienced, even in industrial cities.

The benefits of meditation come from regular use. If you are under stress, you may find that meditating twice daily will be effective in restoring composure. Make a time and space you can call your own, and use breathing and relaxation exercises to ease yourself into the meditative state.The more you practise meditation the less time you will need to spend on these, but they remain useful in calming and preparing you.

Allow at least 10 minutes, ideally 20, for meditation in each session. the benefits of meditation Human beings were never designed to cope with the high-pressure demands of life in the 21st century; life when you are constantly in demand, having to make vital decisions at breakneck speed right through the day, and even during the night. You might say it cannot be done, but it can, with help. Knowing how as well as when to switch off makes all the difference, and even scientists now agree.

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