Black Womens Short Hairstyles

Remember the key wisdom

We repeat the key wisdom of Afro hair once more – avoid combing it and disturbing it too much -even when washing.

Wash or cleanse your hair in small sections and avoid any action that will rub hair strands together, introduce knots or encourage tangles. Hold hair in loose big braids so you can work on one section at a time. Wash one section before moving to the next. When you are through with one section braid it or use thread to hold it then move on to the next section and then the next until the whole head is done. Then repeat for the whole head as you condition, and again when you want to oil or remove knots from the hair. You get the idea! Use this system and build your own technique of preventing your hair from becoming tangled based on it. Tangling leads to knotting which causes breakage and damage from stretching when you eventually try to pull through the tangles and knots.

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The first thing to do is find a good natural soap or gentle shampoo. (There are soap-free methods recommended later in this chapter). Use slightly warm or cold water to help dissolve the dirt and grime on the surface of the hair and any hair oil accumulation from dressing your hair. NEVER use hot water on the hair shaft as this opens the cuticle and will encourage the hair to become coarse and dry and difficult to comb.

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