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BLAKE LIVELY was the talk of Tinseltown a couple weeks ago, when she debuted her incredible postbaby bikini body while filming scenes for her shark thriller The Shallows in Australia. How did she pull it off? Lots of determination and a little help from Hollywood trainer Don Saladino.


Breast-feeding her baby (a proven way to help keep off the pounds), Blake has to eat for two, so she hasn’t restricted herself too much in the calorie department. Her four small, mostly gluten-free daily meals feature lean proteins like turkey, chicken and venison, along with vegetables. This is about feeding a woman who’s got a child and who’s got to have certain nutrients in her body, says Don. She’s got to eat healthy. The way that we did it was the right way, and it wasn’t through starving her. Blake also doesn’t deny herself the occasional chocolate treat!


Thanks to her diet and healthy eating while pregnant, Blake was already looking good on the red carpet shortly after giving birth. But to get the kind of slammin’ bikini body her role required, she needed an edge.

That’s where Don Saladino came in.

Blake was well aware she wouldn’t be able to hide any flaws in this role, so she was prepared for Don to crack the whip. That meant working out an hour a day, six days week.

We would do an upper-body workout Monday, lower-body Tuesday.

Wednesday was a playful pool workout. Thursday was upper body, Friday lower body and Saturday we were focusing on the accessory movers: the arms, the shoulders, says Don.

By mixing up her routine, Blake was kept challenged and interested, doing everything from swimming laps to lifting weights, lunging, squatting and some serious ab work. She went from gently working out once or twice a week to being able to do 300 crunches in 20 minutes and not break a sweat, says a friend. It’s amazing how quickly she was able to pick up the pace and once she did, any extra pounds’ she was carrying just melted away. H

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