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An artist’s job is to reach communion with truth, and bring that holy light into the world in order to soothe souls trapped in dark places. It is exceedingly difficult work and most who attempt it fail. Plus, there is no safety in success. In fact, triumph brings greater danger, because the intense light of success is a wick that draws in darkness. Stars burn up. Flame out. Stars overdose, suicide. Some become oldies acts that create no new magic but simply repeat what has already been done over and over again, not for beauty’s sake, but for cash. And they suffer this as a humiliation. A deep grounding in solitude is necessary to remain vital and creative. Solitude courts the muse.

A final warning: If you do succeed and people come to know your name and your songs, the creative work gets harder, not easier.

Fame and success attracts parasites, dingers on, and wannabes. Blonde girl hairstyles These non-creators will do everything in their power to attach to the light around you thinking it will bring them out of their own darkness. It will not, but they do not know this. If you let them, their hungry mouths will suck the light from you and when you are emptied they will simply move on and attach to someone else’s glow. You must rid your life of these people, or suffer their debilitating and soul crushing manipulations.

With success can come the confusion of believing you are doing great work, backed up the reassurance of people on your payroll, when you’re doing nothing of the sort. Fame and success can bring laziness, and ego swelling. Fame is a full time job. So is song-writing. A choice is often required. Choose wisely.

So then, the point of all this work is simply the work. Struggle is the path, and there is no destination, only the path. We do not get ‘there’. There is no there. There is only here, now, on the path, in the struggle. We all must face the daunting blank page in front of each of us each morning. In this, we are all alike. The joys of a creative life are immense, the sorrows many. I wish courage and resilience for you as you embark on a life’s work of writing songs. You will need it.

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