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Hey everyone Keeley here and today I’m doing a video on my blonde hair care now my hair is a dark blonde it’s not exactly like SuperDuper light but I do still have to worry about like toning it and treating it because you know it’s blonde and it’s damaged so I thought I’d tell you guys about it and what that said let’s get into it so when it comes to blonde hair care.

I think that there are three major principles the first is to clarify your hair the second is to treat your hair and the third is to tone your hair so I’m going to go through in that order let’s start with clarifying your hair basically clarifying means that you keep minerals or chemicals from building up on your hair and distorting your hair color if you live in a city or you have well water you might notice that your hair gets really brassy or even rusty looking very quickly you might also notice that your hair starts to turn a little bit green because there’s chlorine in the water all those things are things that we can fix by clarifying the hair the first thing you want to do is just get a filtered showerhead it will keep all those minerals and chemicals from getting to your hair in the first place so it won’t build up as quickly now another step taht.

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I think is great and this is good for anybody not just blondes is to use a clarifying shampoo and you can use that once a month to once every two weeks anywhere on that spectrum and basically it is to your hair as a purifying mask is to your face it gets all the extra gunk off of your hair all the extra oil build-up any extra products and it can help to get rid of some hard water or chemical buildup on your hair too maybe not completely but it will definitely help toward that and finally I have a treatment that I really recommend if your hair has turned kind of like really really brassy like deep yellow or has even gotten into like that rusty kind of red category so this is the Malibu sea wellness treatment I have the hard water one.

I have the blonde one this is basically a powder you mix it in the shower with a little bit of water in your hand it turns into kind of like a paste like a shampoo almost and you run it through your hair you let it sit for five minutes and you wash it out and it helps to remove that hard water buildup so I use this the first time and there was a huge huge difference on my hair like I went from looking mostly red to looking mostly blond and then I kept using it again once a week for a couple of weeks and got my hair back to the color that.

I wanted it be they also have their blonde treatment and the ingredients between these two are almost exactly the same this one’s just a little bit more gentle and conditioning so I use this one more for upkeep and I use this one at first whenever my hair was just a big big mess so use this after you shampoo so I usually use my clarifying shampoo first then I put this in let it sit for five minutes and that’s my clarifying process it keeps stuff from building up on my hair so it makes it a lot easier to tone and a lot easier to keep the color that.

I want so that was clarifying your hair let’s move on to the next part of blond hair care which is treating your blond hair basically it’s all about putting back into your hair what was lost when it got bleached when you bleach your hair typically you lose moisture and you lose protein and your hair becomes more porous which means that it’s just kind of constantly letting moisture and protein back out of it because it doesn’t have anything holding it in it’s a mess but we can fix it so to add protein back into my hair I typically use the joique okay pack Reconstructor this basically does what it says it reconstructs your hair because it’s adding carrots head back into your hair which makes it healthier and stronger and less likely to break.

So if you’re experiencing really fragile hair or hair this really prone to breakage this is great you just have to be sure not to overuse it because if you use too much protein on your hair it actually will get brittle and break even more don’t be scared it’s just about balance all of haircare is about finding the ballots that works for your hair.

So I would say start with every two weeks and then use it more if you want more or less if you want less and you should be good the rest of the treatments I’m going to show you I consider more to be like moisturizing they really help with adding shine and softness to your hair helping it be more easy to detangle all that kind of stuff they do still have a bit of protein in there but it’s it’s not as much as this one the first one is the ORS hair mayonnaise I love this stuff it has a weirdest name ever but I love it it is really great for just adding a lot of softness and a lot of shine to your hair the first time I used it I rinsed it out and then I felt my hair.

I was like did I rinse it all out because my hair felt softer in the shower after using it and I was like what I’ve never had that happen before like sometimes my hair feels like oh it’s like a little softer but no my hair felt like a different person hair after I wash it out in the shower it is really thick if you have fine hair like me don’t use a ton because it will take forever and a day to rinse out if you have thick hair this is going to be amazing for you you can use as much as you want for my fine hair girls just use a little bit okay and finally.

I have the it’s a -minute Hair Repair for blondes and this is awesome and making your hair just feel like silk it’s great it’s got a slight purple tip to it so it’s going to tone your hair as it just kind of silca Faiz your hair but I like mixing this in with my conditioners and just like every shower because it makes my hair so much softer and shinier and easier to brush through my final recommendations on the treatment front are to do leave-in conditioners no matter what I think leave-in conditioners are really important because they provide moisture back to your hair they also make it a lot easier to detangle and it makes your hair appear shinier all things that s blondes need so two of my favorites are the it’s a miracle leave-in for blondes.

I’ve used this for years and years and years and years and then the Moroccan oil treatment light love this one it’s also really great for just making your hair shiny and smooth and adding a little bit of hydration so finally let’s talk about toning I’m sure a lot of you guys already know what it is a brief recap if you don’t once your hair starts turning kind of yellow or like a darker yellow that’s typically just cuz your hair is oxidizing so the way that you fix that is by using some purple on your hair because they are complementary colors on the color wheel you put them together they neutralize each other it’s all you need to know so basically there are a lot of different purple products that you can use to get rid of it my favorite one is the Schwarzkopf bonnet cure Hair Therapy self Perfector color free silver shampoo.

I don’t know what it is with Schwarzkopf products but they all have paragraph long names I love this purple shampoo it leaves my hair feeling really soft and a common complaint with tawny shampoos is that they make your hair feel dry so the fact that this leaves my hair feeling soft and it does a good job Tony this is all that I need now one thing I will do is I will mix this with a normal shampoo that’s not purple to kind of dilute the purple a little bit because I don’t need quite as much purple power as this shampoo has but I do really like the shampoo because it’s really gentle and softening on my hair so I use it anyway so if you’re like me and you don’t need quite as much purple just mix it with another shampoo you’ll be totally fine but if you’re keeping up silver or lavender hair just use this at full strength let it sit for like seconds to a minute your hair will stay perfect oh I feel like I just talk so much I don’t know how long this video is gonna be but I hope it was really helpful I think my hair looks super dark today and I don’t know why I was hoping it would look super blond because I’m filming a blond hair care video but is okay I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope that you learned something that will help you take care of your blonde better if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to my channel it’s linked somewhere around there and that’s it I will see you guys in my next video huh bye.

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