Does blow drying damage hair

After mingling with other braiders, I learned a new technique that streamlines the braiding process for singles. This technique brings the beginning of the braid closer to the Client’s scalp and provides less tension on the hands of the braider. This technique is used to capture a full Bob Style that last up to Two (2) months. Braid time 8-10 hours.

Step 1: Make a part in the Client’s hair with comb.

Step 2: Comb hair and split into two parts with finger.

Step 3: Allow the two parts of Client’s hair to stay apart.

Step 4: Take extension hair and gather the left strand with left strand of Client’s hair.

Notice the slight tension in the left hand on the extension hair and the Client’s natural hair.

Step 5: Next, take right hand and grab middle strand of extension hair and other loose strand of Client’s hair and gather together. There should be one free strand of extension hair left.

Keep that by itself.

Step 6: Take, extra extension hair on right and tuck it under the middle strand, pull to the center. Step 7: The extension hair should be in the center and the Client’s hair should be gathered with the extension hair on your right. Pull that under the center a braid will begin to form.

Step 8: Pull center hair towards left and pull left strands under the center to bring that to the center and to gather the braid into its place. Tug a bit at the hair

so that the braid slides up to the scalp or roots of the client’s hair. Notice the slight tension on the braid so that the braid can slide into place.

Step 9: With all three strands locked in place at the root began rotating between the three strands under each other one at a time. Take your time and braid slowly to ensure the braids neatness.

Step 10: Tug at the braid gently to ensure that it is locked into place before continuing down the braid. The top portion of the braid needs to lay flat against the scalp.

Step 11: Continue pattern, interchanging between strands, until you have reached the end of the braid.

Step 12: Your finished braid should look uniform and neat. Clip any extra or loose strands with scissors.

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