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Once you have managed to achieve complete physical relaxation and calm, gradually allow your mind to enter a place, Bob haircuts longer in front whether real or imaginary, that is quite special to you. Now you can allow your mind to drift drift to a pleasant, peaceful place. A place that you know and where you always feel able to relax completely. A safe secure place where no one and nothing can ever bother you.

It may be a place you have visited on holiday, a beach or a place in the countryside. Or it may be a room a room you have had a room you do have or a room you would like to have an imaginary place. But it is a place where you can always feel able to let go completely a haven, a haven of tranquillity, unique and special to you.

In order to help you imagine this place notice first the light is it bright natural or dim is there any particular source of light . f>ati(fal or man-made? Notice also the temperature level hot warm or cool and any particular source of heat. Be aware of the colours that surround you shapes and textures the familiar objects that make that place special. Begin to see rt in all its detail. You can just be there whether sitting, lying or reclining, enjoying the sounds the smells the atmosphere with nobody wanting anything, nobody needing anything and no one demanding anything from you. Relax.

Everyone has their own haven, a quiet magical place like this.

Try to imagine your perfect country house.

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