Through my work as a professional makeup artist, I see and speak with thousands of women every year. What I hear is often striking and disturbing. Lots of women tell me that they hate the way they look. Many tell me of their deep desire to be prettier, skinnier, taller, younger, or sexier. Their language is strong and sometimes even self-abusive.
It is obvious to me that the majority of women I come in contact with are not content with their looks. A large number are obsessed with their bodies and their faces sometimes caring so much that it becomes an unhealthy negative emotion. My crusade is to make women comfortable in their skin. Looking good really does comes from within from feeling good about yourself.
There are certain basic things about yourself that you must accept, such as your height and your body’s frame. There are other things, however, that you can take control of and change. I was not born tall and skinny. So instead of trying to be what I am not, I center my energies on feeling good with my frame. I always try to focus on the positive like the aspects of my body over which I have control: eating as healthfully as possible and being as fit and strong as possible. My message is: Take control of what you can; then you will be your most beautiful.


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