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I try to make pressure and tension work for me. I want the adrenaline to be flowing. There’s nothing wrong with being charged up, if it’s controlled Golfer Hale Irwin

The anticipation of competition is usually enough to get an athlete psyched. But many elite athletes need to get higher to produce an extra spark to beat top foes or break records. They use a variety of triggers to reach Mount Arousal. toned body male Coaches know the value of getting teams up, especially in explosion sports. A good coach goes into a (football) locker room at half-time and, if his team is behind, knows how to get the adrenaline up in his players to get the job done, said Robert Eliot, former director of the Institute of Stress Medicine International in Denver. But if you raise the players too high, then they start dropping the ball, playing like Keystone Cops.

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Pressure Boost

Pressure is a blessing for those who know how to control it, says Patrick J. Cohn, PhD, a golf psychologist. Pressure increases your motivation to practice, boosts your concentration to help you hit a difficult shot, and supplies extra energy or adrenaline for a long drive. Pressure becomes a problem only when you don’t cope with it and it takes you out of your optimal emotional zone. how to tone your stomach fast Excitement and increased arousal helps you to play better, except when it reaches a point where you become over-aroused, and then your play worsens. Pressure, Mark McGwire said near the end of his record-setting homerun season of 1998, is knowing that every eye in America is watching you.

In pressure games, coaches usually don’t have to do as much. They know the pressure will automatically trigger arousal and, if anything, they have to bring the players down to help them keep control. The best athletes love pressure because they know that in the past it has improved the performance of their mind-body and they’ve seen how it has made others choke. body toning exercises for females Years ago, fans applauded Boston Red Sox slugger Ted Williams because he elected to play the final double-header of the season, even though a poor day might have dropped his average below the magic .400 mark. But Williams knew he could make pressure work for him and, indeed, he went six for eight in the two games, raising his average to .406.

Nothing is more pressure-packed than the Olympics, says Jim Reardon, a psychologist from Columbus, Ohio, who has worked with U.S. decathletes.

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